Hi. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Cass.

I’m eighteen. I live in California (in a city you’ve probably never heard of unless you’re actually from there). I like books. A lot. But you knew that. I’ve lived in California all my life and I’ve never been out of the country (except for a day trip to Mexico once when I was, like, two or something), but I’ve been all over the country. Seriously, I’ve been almost everywhere that’s west of the Mississippi River, except for a trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL. And it’s been amazing.

I’m a huge feminist. I’m all about equal rights for everyone. I’m also Catholic, which is kind of ironic but whatever. I’m also super into mythology ― Greek and Roman, especially. I like astronomy (stars are really freakin’ cool) and photography (taking pictures is pretty rad). I also love music more than is probably healthy. I also love to write. It’s my dream to become an author, so that’s where I’m headed in regards to my career.

This blog is going to kind of be my everything blog. I will literally talk about everything, from political issues to lists of words that are rad, from book reviews to movie reviews to random rants about life, from spontaneous promo of my fan fiction to the results of my latest all-nighter to watch a meteor shower. Basically, I’m taking you with me on the metaphorical journey that is my life.

So sit down and buckle up, ’cause you’re in for a wild ride.


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