Donald Effing Trump Isn’t A Joke Anymore

Donald Trump has become quite a spectacle in mainstream media as the 2016 Presidential Campaign has progressed. It’s clear that, although he’s a racist, sexist, narcissistic asshole, he’s extremely entertaining to watch. No one can deny laughing at all those hilarious memes about him. No one can deny laughing at anything he’s ever said or done, or at what people have said to and about him. But we’ve lost sight of the reality of the situation.

People are so often surprised in history class as they learn about Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, after which he executed the persecution of 10,000,000 innocent human beings. How did he do that? How could anyone let him do that? How was he able to brainwash a nation? How is it possible that such a terrible man so easily came to be the leader of Germany? How is it possible that people so willingly turned a blind eye to the heinous crimes he committed? How? they ask. How?

He did exactly what Trump is doing now. He persuaded the masses, through his hateful speech, that a certain group was to blame for all their nation’s problems. He instilled fear and loathing in huge quantities of people with his bias and prejudice. He treated his inferiors with injustice, an act only those not yet brainwashed by his words and actions would see as malevolent. He gained a following, which soon grew to be an entire country, and began his malicious conquest.

Donald Trump is dangerous, though many people do not seem to realize the seriousness of it. He is the present-day Adolf Hitler. People might laugh it off as a joke, might say, “Oh, he’s not going to become president.” Open your eyes, America. History repeats itself far too often. He may be fun to watch, fun to listen to as he parades himself like an idiot, but it’s not funny anymore. His words have sparked violence amongst his supporters at rallies. He has said outrageously hateful things to people, words you would never want to be said to your child or significant other.

This is a man with no remorse for his words or actions. This is a man who simply does not care for the consequences he may face for them. This is a man who will willingly commit villainous acts and not give a fuck about what others might think. This man is dangerous. Allow me to repeat: Donald Trump is dangerous.

Please do not let this man become the president of our country.

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3 thoughts on “Donald Effing Trump Isn’t A Joke Anymore

  1. This write-up is pathetic, melodramatic and risible. Donald Trump says some mean things, and you compare him to a man who killed six millions Jews. By that logic Hillary Clinton is the devil incarnate since she voted to go to war with Iraq, which saw the loss of 14,000 Americans lives. (And don’t get me started on Benghazi or her treasonous email servers.) Your victim-blaming attitude is really shameful. You blame Donald Trump supporters for being attacked for what Donald Trump says… I hear that same argument by rapist, saying that the women deserve to be raped for what they wear.

    The simple fact is Donald Trump loves immigrants — if come here LEGALLY. His wife is an immigrant, and his grandparents were immigrants. He even hires legal immigrants at his construction sites. The fact is Donald Trump has been the victim of an incredibly biased media. He upsets the status quo, so they are trying to slow his momentum. But Donald Trump is ingenious — while everyone is playing 2D checkers, Donald Trump has been playing 4D chess for years.

    I recommend you watch this video if you have the time so you can swallow the red pill and uncuck yourself:


    1. Donald Trump hasn’t just “said some mean things,” as that truly is an understatement. His words are cruel, and he shows no remorse for them. As for Hillary Clinton… I couldn’t care less about her or her campaign. (I support Bernie Sanders.) And when did I ever blame Trump’s supporters for being attacked? I meant that they themselves have attacked protesters, compelled to do so as Trump rallies behind them, urging them on. He practically insists that they beat up those at his rallies who protest against him. Regarding the subject of immigrants, he’s a complete hypocrite. I’m aware that he is the child and husband of immigrants, but it doesn’t change that his stance on immigration is ridiculous and dangerous. Also, Donald Trump isn’t a victim. Far from it, actually. He’s rich, he’s well on his way to being the Republican nominee (God, help us), and he has hundreds upon thousands of supporters. A victim does not have their own victims. Donald Trump has attacked far too many people with cruel, conniving comments (Ted Cruz, Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, those with disabilities, Muslims, just to name a few). The truth of the matter is that Donald Trump is a misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, ableist, problematic idiot with no respect for anyone and no remorse for his actions. He will be a nightmare to have as president.
      Unfortunately, I do not have the time for that video nor will I make any. My opinion on this man isn’t going to change unless he happens to do a complete turnaround, which I doubt.
      Have a lovely day. x


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