If you’ve ever attended elementary or high school in the state of California, your identity could be in danger.

Recently, a judge’s order has been issued for the release of personal information for 10 million students dating back to 2008. While the judge’s order states that the information will be controlled by a cybersecurity expert, parents are enraged about this. And not without reason: the kind of information the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association is going to be given is just ridiculous. Want to know what they’re going to get? You’ll be baffled:

  • home addresses
  • demographics
  • progress reports
  • behavior and discipline information
  • special education records
  • mental health or medical details, and:
  • your Social Security number

Yes, that’s right. This organization you probably have never even heard of until this moment is going to get you or your kid’s Social Security number. With the released information, a person could easily commit identity theft.

Now, there’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you can opt out of this release by filling out this form and mailing it to the judge’s office, which is listed on the form, by April 1st of this year. (Sorry, folks, you can’t do it electronically or over the phone.) The bad news is that this is no guarantee you or your kid’s information won’t be released. Basically, you fill out the form, send it, and maybe they won’t release it. Maybe. But honestly, I wouldn’t take my chances.

Honestly, I think this shit (excuse my language) is absurd. I understand where the group is coming from (they’re concerned about “ongoing systemic noncompliance of mandated special education law,” as stated here), but is that really necessary? (No, no, it isn’t.) Anyway, I highly suggest all you readers turn in that form, because this is something that could greatly affect you in the future.

Sources: EdSource, The Sacramento Bee, Morgan Hill Times


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