Original Characters

So as some of you may know, I’m a writer. I spend most of my time writing stories I’ll never finish and creating OCs I absolutely adore but never use. It’s in a writer’s nature to do this, I’ve come to learn. The issue is applying those ideas and characters to a plot and actually writing a story… But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about characters.

I absolutely love creating characters. I have a lot of them too―the daring Céleste Darian whose fear of loneliness drives her to maintain abusive romantic and non-romantic relationships; the dreamy Dakota Cyrille who’s got legs as long as redwoods and eyes the color of freshly-cut emeralds; Logan Elliot, whose piercings and tattoos either drive people away or lure in the curious.

It’s difficult for me to find character questionnaires that I see fitting for my characters and very rarely am I ever truly content with those I consider decent. Over time, I’ve come to develop my own format that I think more accurately portrays the characterization of my babies (yes, they are my babies). A person’s favorite book, quote, class, etc. says a lot about them; the same applies to characters. The character sheet I use is comprised of multiple sheets, sans questions I deemed unnecessary. Included are fandom-related questions that I think are very defining and definitely help with characterization.

  1. What is your character’s full name?
  2. When were they born?
  3. What are their parents’ names?
  4. Do they have any brothers or sisters?
  5. What kind of eyes do they have?
  6. What kind of hair do they have?
  7. What is their complexion like?
  8. What body type are they?
  9. What is listening to their voice like?
  10. Do they have a favourite quote?
  11. What sort of music do they enjoy?
  12. Have they ever cheated on a partner?
  13. Have they ever lost someone close to them?
  14. What is their favourite sound?
  15. What is their opinion on euthanasia?
  16. Are they judgmental of others?
  17. Have they ever been drunk?
  18. What are they like when they stay up all night?
  19. Have they ever been arrested?
  20. What colour evokes strong memories for them?
  21. What do they do on rainy days?
  22. What religion are they?
  23. What word do they overuse the most?
  24. What do they wear to bed?
  25. Do they have any tattoos or piercings?
  26. What type of clothing are they most comfortable in?
  27. Do they have any enemies?
  28. What does their writing look like?
  29. What disgusts them?
  30. What is your character’s boggart?
  31. What is your character’s house?
  32. What would your character see if they looked in the Mirror of Erised?
  33. What class would your character most succeed in at Hogwarts?
  34. What would be your character’s favorite spell?
  35. What is your character’s favorite fantasy creature?
  36. Does your character fight or flee?
  37. What would your character do if they were betrayed by someone they loved?
  38. What can buy your character’s faith/trust?
  39. Does your character like children?
  40. Does your character have any phobias?
  41. Does your character react instinctively or do they reason out their actions?
  42. Does your character believe in the afterlife?
  43. What object symbolizes your character’s life?
  44. What is your character’s favorite fairytale?
  45. Does your character believe in happy endings? Why?
  46. Who is your character’s beloved?
  47. What is your character’s perception of love?
  48. When was the last time your character had their heart broken?
  49. How many true friends does your character have?
  50. Does your character trust easily?
  51. When was the last time your character smiled?
  52. When was the last time your character was extremely disappointed?

Personally, I see this as the best-fitting character sheet for me and my precious characters. Whether you decide to use it as well is totally up to you.


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