Everything We Know About Magnus Chase (SPOILERS?)

“The Sword of Summer” is the first installment of Rick Riordan’s new Norse series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, and it’s out October 6th. I seriously can’t wait for it to come out, so naturally, I’m going to talk about it excessively so I can cope with my excitement.

So here’s everything I’ve been able to find out about Magnus Chase’s character, the series itself, and what happens in the book. (Spoiler alert, I think? They’re pretty minor, but just in case…)

Before I get started, you can go ahead and read chapter one and a portion of chapter two of the book, if you’d like. I wanted to hold off, so I’d be surprised when I read the book in full, but I simply couldn’t resist. Maybe you have better self-control than I do. Hopefully.

Alright, so first things first: the name. I’m sure 99% of the PJO fandom noticed Magnus’s last name, Chase. I reckon 100% of those 99% knew instantly why it was so familiar: Annabeth Chase. Guess what? Rick Riordan confirmed that Magnus and Annabeth are cousins! Yay! Apparently, she [Annabeth] also mentions that she has cousins in Boston she’s not close to, in Blood of Olympus but I’d have to reread the book to be sure. Still! Yay!

That also leads to a follow-up question: Will Annabeth, Percy and/or any of the other characters from Heroes of Olympus make an appearance in this series? Unfortunately, Rick says no. He says that Annabeth will have a role in the story, but she’s not that important. According to a reviewer on GoodReads who received an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of the book, no other HoO characters make an appearance. Kind of a bummer because we all love HoO, but I’m a little happy about that. It’ll ensure that Magnus Chase doesn’t become Heroes of Olympus ft. Magnus Chase, you know?

I already expected Magnus and Percy to be similar because every author (and Rick Riordan admits this) puts a little bit of themselves into each of their characters, and you simply can’t have a Rick Riordan book without his sense of humor. So I already knew they would be alike in that sense, but I’m pleased to know that Magnus and Percy are two very different characters. The same reviewer on GoodReads from earlier said that Magnus is a little more sarcastic and definitely darker than Percy, which can already be seen in the two excerpts from the book (linked above).

Apparently, one of the main characters is deaf. I know very little about this, but there is one, which I think is really cool. Like that review on GoodReads says, it’s hard to write that into any novel, and I would think for an action/adventure novel, that’d be twice as difficult. According to the reviewer, however, Rick is able to do so. I can’t say I’m surprised, seeing as this is also the guy who somehow managed to write the entire Kane Chronicles in between PJO, wrote a gay character into the plot of HoO, and dealt with very adult topics (personal loss, PTSD, depression, dating, family relationships, etc.) in a middle-grade novel in such a remarkable way.


  • Thor likes watching TV shows like Game of Thrones.
  • Magnus is sixteen years old.
  • His Uncle Randolph is rich af and lives in a mansion, which he inherited from is grandparents as the eldest son.
  • Possible romance in the future. Can I get a hell yeah?
  • Magnus Chase is set to be a trilogy.
  • Annabeth shows up around the beginning and end of the book.
  • EDIT 9/15/15: Apparently, there might be a character who wears a hijab in Sword of Summer, as Uncle Rick subtly hinted towards today!

Okay, I’m just really excited about this stupid book. I don’t know if I can wait twenty two more days for the book to be released. (Then again, I did it for a year but that’s besides the point.)

How excited are you for this series? Or are you not excited at all? Also, did I miss anything?

I’ll be adding on to this as time moves along and I find out more. I’ll also be doing a review as soon as I read the book, which will hopefully be as soon as it’s out. Now, let’s have a prayer circle so I can cope with the anticipation for this book.


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